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Oakley Vale Community Centre
20 Butland Road
NN18 8JF

Tel: 01536 742054



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The community centre is a charity and company Limited by Guarantee, it is managed by a committee made up of local organisations and residents, who aim to make Oakley Vale Community Centre an effectively managed and well used centre for the benefit of local residents.

Trustees / Board Members - Judy Caine (Acting Chair), Joanne Armstrong, Hugh Fenton, Colin Gibbs, John Hunter and Madeline Mathie.


General Overview of our Privacy Policy

Oakley Vale Community Centre (OVCC) is committed to ensuring your privacy is always protected. Be assured any information we have will only be used in accordance with this privacy statement

What we collect and what we do with your personal information

We only collect the following information from our contact form: Name, Contact, email address, and any other information relevant to an enquiry.

We only use this information to respond to your enquiry and/or initiate a booking. We do not disclose your personal information to any third party companies.

We do not hold any mailing lists on those making enquiries. Your information is only used for responding to your enquiry. If you'd like to request the information we have on your person or business, please contact OVCC:

Unless progressed as a booking, all your personal data is kept secure locally on our own personal computers, which is not accessible to the outside world

All contact data will be deleted from Access Corby’s records once the enquiry / request has been answered.

For booking, your information is maintained on paper and electronically until the booking is complete.  It is then stored as one of our financial records which need to the stored for 7 years after the financial year in which the booking took place.  It will be destroyed within 10 years. If you require the non-financial related aspects destroyed before that date, please ask using the e mail above

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